Monday Minute: Your First Parkinson’s Doctors Visit

In continuation of the subject of Parkinson’s for the month of April, today we wanted to discuss the next step after you begin to suspect that you or a loved one has Parkinson’s. It is crucial that you get set up with a doctor as soon as you can to optimize the effectiveness of the treatment process. Dr. Ramon Rodriguez MD, FAAN with Neurology One has a very helpful video that lists out some important things you should prepare to bring with you when you go to your first appointment with a provider.

  1. Be sure to have a summary of your symptoms; when they started and what they are.
  2. Have you been evaluated for Parkinson’s previously? If so, bring the results from the evaluation.
  3. Are you experiencing depression or change in motivation and speech? Has anyone made comments to you about noticing a shift in any of your behaviors? If so, mention it to your doctor.
  4. Make a note of how your daily activities are going. Are you struggling not to fall? Is getting dressed or taking a shower becoming significantly more difficult?
  5. Bring a list of medications that you have taken over the last 5 years. If there are some you do not remember, you can call your pharmacy and request for them to make a list.
  6. Bring any medications or supplements you are currently taking with you. Supplements are just as important to note as the medications, as they can have adverse effects when combined with other things.
  7. Talk to a caregiver or someone close to you about anything they noticed that you might not have (such as you having vivid dreams) and make a note to mention it.

These elements are essential for both you and your provider to get the most out of your first visit. Please feel free to reach out to us or Neurology One with any additional questions!

Click here to watch the video or click here to contact Neurology One.

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