Is Your Loved One Ready for Assisted Living?


Do you wonder when you should consider moving your aging parent or family member to an assisted living community? It is not an easy decision to make and it is important that you keep your family member involved in the decision making process as much as possible. There are some questions to consider when determining what the next step might be.

Premier Senior Consultants has created a checklist to assist you in that first step of deciding to secure some help at home or possibly moving your loved one to an assisted living community.


Do any of the following questions apply to your loved one?

  • Do they have difficulty with household chores and home maintenance?

  • Are they overwhelmed by mail sorting, managing bills and correspondence?

  • Do they have difficulty scheduling and keeping appointments?

  • Do they have difficulty understanding instructions during appointments?

  • Are they unable to drive or use public transportation?

  • Do they have difficulty showering or bathing on their own?

  • Are they unable to prepare their own meals?

  • Do they have difficulty taking medications as prescribed?

  • Do they no longer have the desire to participate in social activities?

  • Do they seem isolated and bored?

  • Do they have issues with vision, memory, or other physical limitations?

  • Are they at risk for falling?

  • Are you concerned for their safety and well being when home alone?

If three or more of these questions apply to your parent or family member, then it might be time to consider some additional help at home or moving to an assisted living community. Premier Senior Consultants is a complimentary service that is here to help you with all of the available options. One of our experienced advisors would be happy to meet with your family to assess your concerns and make appropriate recommendations.  Call Holly or Carrie at their Premier Pointe office at 407-703-7022 to schedule an appointment to discuss the possibilities.


  1. Judy Fuhrer on April 25, 2019 at 7:14 am

    Please contact me regarding care for my mother.

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